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Every piece tells a special story, led by passion

Our Philosophy

Each HKH by Helena Hommels piece is designed, curated and finished with great passion.

We thoughtfully design and craft fashion pieces to be collected and cherished over time. 


HKH garments are designed by our team, made in Switzerland, using fabrics with our own exclusive designs.

Helena Hommels HKH Design
Helena Karin Hommels HKH

Our Story

Founded by Swedish-native Helena Karin Hommels, HKH by Helena Hommels grew out of her desire to share her culture and her passion for design and artisanal crafts. Heavily influenced by vivid images of her childhood and the allure of nature, every HHK piece intends to tell a special story.

Explore the HKH design concept

Individually designed and made with luxurious materials, our limited prêt-à-porter collections and unique pieces add a touch of magic and luxury to your life.

Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_17
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_2
Blouse Mary_Dala Spets,orange_7
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_12
Shirt Liv, Culotte Vesna_Snö Blurry,blue_4
Shirt Liv,Culotte Vesna_Dalahaest Blurry,Snö Blurry,orange_5
Shirt Liv, Culotte Vesna_Snö Blurry,blue_7
Shirt Liv_Dala Spets,blue_5
Shirt Leani_Snö Blurry,orange_3
Dress Algea_Gagnef's Kyrka_6
Dress Algea_Gagnef's Kyrka_1
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