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The HKH Concept

Prêt-à-porter & unique pieces

Our ready-to-wear pieces are produced in a limited number and are available at our retail locations or by direct request.

Our Designs

Selection of HKH prêt-à-porter designs and unique pieces

Explore our exclusive Textiles

Luxurious artisan fabrics printed with patterns exclusively design in Switzerland.

Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_5
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_9
Shirt Liv_Dala Spets,blue_1
Blouse Mary_Dala Spets,orange_4
Dress Algea_Gagnef's Kyrka_3
Shirt Liv, Culotte Vesna_Snö Blurry,blue_5
Shirt Liv,Culotte Vesna_Dalahaest Blurry,Snö Blurry,orange_6
Shirt Liv_Dala Spets,blue_6
Shirt Liv, Culotte Vesna_Snö Blurry,blue_1
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_11
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_7
Dress Algea_Gagnef's Kyrka_16
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_silk_4
Shirt Liv,Culotte Vesna_Dalahaest Blurry,Snö Blurry,orange_8
Shirt Liv_Dala Spets,blue_7
Blouse Mary_Dala Spets,orange_5
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