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HKH by Helena Hommels textiles are inspired by nature and Helena’s fondest childhood memories in Sweden and Spain.

Color Palette

Colours are chosen in such a way, that pieces can be easily combined with each other. 

Exclusive Fabrics

Our luxurious HKH fabrics are designed in-house and printed on the finest materials. 
The very special garments are pieces to keep and collect. 


Our fabrics are manufactured in Italy in strict compliance with all environmental regulations imposed by the EU for environmentally friendly products and waste management. 

This seasons HKH textile patterns are inspired by Helena's Swedish family roots, featured in our limited edition prêt-à-porter pieces.

Our Textiles

Each of our patterns tells a special story

Culotte Vesna_Snö Blurry,blue_2
Shirt Liv_Snö Blurry,blue_4
Dress Algea_Gagnef's Kyrka_5
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_silk_2-2
Shirt Leani_Snö Blurry_6
Culotte Vesna_Snö Blurry_4
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_silk_1
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_silk_4
Shirt Liv_Snö Blurry_2
Shirt Leani_Dala Spets_4
Blouse Mary,Culotte Vesna_Gagnef's Kyrka_4
Blouse Mary_Gagnef's Kyrka_1
Shirt Liv,Culotte Vesna_Dalahaest Blurry,Snö Blurry,orange_8
Shirt Liv_Dalahaest Blurry,orange_3
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